Shaping the future of Pediatrics, 20-22 September (2017) Rom

2017-09-20 - 2017-08-22

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The “-omics”and personalized medicine

  • The promises and perils of non invasive prenatal and neonatal genetic testing
  • Undiagnosed diseases and disease gene discovery
  • Gene therapies and gene transfer
  • Personalized cancer therapy
  • Metagenomics in pediatrics

Big data and digital integration

  • Big data and data analytics for cancer
  • 3D heart modelling and regression based object detection
  • Internet of Things in the hospital
  • Implantable and edible sensors for clinical purposes
  • Patient stratification for cardiovascular risk in obesity

The patients and participatory medicine

  • The role of patient communities and networks in accelerating clinical research and improving clinical practice
  • Digital health communication
  • Social contagion for promoting healthy behaviors
  • Patient centered clinical studies
  • Who owns the data? Data property and security

The innovation cycle in pediatrics

  • From research to innovation
  • Towards a healthy partnership between research stakeholders and industry
  • How to build an innovation center in a pediatric hospital
  • Sustainability of innovation and fund raising
  • An international perspective on pediatric innovation

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